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We are called to go into
all the world not just
the places we feel comfortable.


Ministry for the

non-traditional woman


Lace Warriors is a multi-faceted ministry dedicated to serving the non-traditional woman. She's the woman who does not follow established norms, but has broken the barriers of tradition to create her own path in life. Typically, this path is not straight, but rather winds and curves, sometimes she finds herself in a valley of darkness, and sometimes she is shouting exuberantly from a mountaintop. Wherever she is on her path, Lace Warriors is here to walk by her side. 


Our mission is simply to display the love of Christ through no-strings-attached relationships with these non-traditional women. This includes women in the legal sex industry, incarcerated, homeless, former foster youth, or the woman who just finds herself in a season of difficulty. Through these relationships, Lace desires to become a resource for hope and healing when the need arises. It is not our desire to judge anyone for their actions, but to accept them for who they are with a love that is given freely and without obligation. 


Lace Warriors was formed as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation in December 2015. We initially began serving one strip club in the San Angelo, Texas area but grew to include the entertainers of Abilene in 2016. We didn't stop there, as God called us to expand to Odessa in 2017 and Amarillo in 2018. In 2019 we began outreaching in Lubbock, widened our circle to include the drag community, and found ourselves at the infamous Boys Town in Acuna, Mexico. In 2021 we felt the call to expand our services to other women in difficult situations and began plans to tackle issues unique to women, beginning with period poverty and the lack of undergarments for women in need. 



 Jesus Loves  Strippers

Lace Ministries started in December 2015 with a first outreach to 20 women in one San Angelo, Texas strip club. Today we reach about 200 strippers and strip club staff in nine clubs throughout the greater West Texas area, stretching from Amarillo to Abilene.

Our outreaches are an opportunity to give each entertainer a gift bag filled with cosmetics, jewelry, and other girly things, along with the simple message that they are loved and valued, and that we are here to support them. We also provide prayer and a listening ear when requested.



 Jesus Loves Drag Queens

Lace Ministries visits drag queens in their venues to proclaim that they are loved by Christ. By providing love and acceptance, we are able to focus on Christ's desire to have a relationship with these entertainers using a non-judgmental approach. Based on the philosophy that hate stems from misunderstanding and fear, we also strive to educate those outside of the drag community to bridge the gap that creates conflict with this treasured population. 


 Cristos Ama A La Prostitutas

Prostitution is viewed as an economic necessity by some women in certain regions of Mexico, brought about by conditions of extreme poverty. With this necessity often comes a shunning from the family and the community.  Our outreaches in Mexico are similar to the United States, in that we take a message of Christ's love and hope to the streets, meeting with la prostitutas where they are. 



It's the best kept secret --

but it shouldn't be!

What's the secret? It's the fact that more than 1 in 5 women struggle to afford period products every month, which results in missed work, school, or similar events due to lack of access. Some people struggling with period poverty are forced to use substitute products, like toilet tissue, rags, or even socks to manage their periods. Or they may stretch the usage of period products to a point that it results in infection. Despite its prevalence, many are not aware that this public health issue even exists.


Who are the one in five?

The woman working alongside you everyday, or the girl you sit next to in Math class. The homeless woman or the single mother. The woman aging out of foster care, or the teen girl  just entering shelter care, or the married woman whose family is suffering a financial setback. Of course, this list could go on and on.


I  Have  A  Secret

Lace Warriors is determined to help women facing period poverty by providing pads, tampons, or menstrual cups to women in need. If you are in one of our services areas, simply click  THIS LINK  and we will get you the supplies you need. 


Visit  From  Aunt  Flo  Club

Maybe you're not a fan of Aunt Flo -- well, join the club! I don't know of anyone who actually looks forward to this monthly visit, but can you imagine if you did not have period products when Aunt Flo came? Simply purchasing one box of pads, tampons, or one menstrual cup each month will pay it forward to someone who is less prepared for Aunt Flo's visit. If you would like to join our monthly Visit From Aunt Flo Club to help out a sister, click  THIS LINK  and we will get you signed up. It may seem like a small thing, but it is a powerful way to give back!


Interested in ministering to the sex industry?

What if Jesus was serious when he identified you as the "light on the hill," the one who is meant to "go and be a light unto the world?" What if he had a plan to deeply impact the lives of hundreds or thousands of women through you? Would you want to be part of that plan?

We believe that's exactly what he desires. We believe God wants to equip you to meet the needs of the women in your city by his love and connecting in ways that allow you to speak life and bring encouragement. 

Click THIS LINK to find out more about how you can be fully trained to start a ministry in your city and have ongoing encouragement, resources, and support through the Strip Church Network. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!


 San Angelo / Odessa / Mexico : Jaz James

325-899-1889 (text preferred)

P.O. Box 2557, San Angelo, TX 76902

[email protected]


 Abilene : LeAnn



 Lubbock : Natacia